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Printing Company With History

Since 1935, Martha’s Vineyard Printing has been the vineyard’s printer and office supplier. In 1940, 46 Circuit Avenue was purchased by founder Antonio G. daRosa II. The print shop was moved from the second floor of what is now the Reliable Market to the new location just down the street. Martha’s Vineyard Printing became joined at the hip with daRosa’s, the retail office supplies and art supplies addition of the company. Using foundry and linotype daRosa’s Martha’s Vineyard Printing grew with just three Chandler & Price hand fed letterpresses.

DaRosa's Martha's Vineyard Printing

Decades Of Experience

Ernest “Uncle Steve” Landers and Owen Tilton were printers with Mr. daRosa. Antonio married Cecilia Campos in 1943. Lucinda, Antonio III, and Dennis were born three years apart. By 1950, with a wife and three children, Antonio bought the first automatic sheet feed job letterpress to be installed on the island. The Branjen & Kluge press fed 45-50 sheets per minute. It became the workhorse of the company. Cards, letterheads, envelopes, programs, town reports were dispatched by the “Kluge” in a Dr. Seuss manner. The Kluge was a dingus corporation that mesmerized all who witnessed it in action. For a decade the Kluge ruled as the only auto feed letterpress on the island. It soon had to make way for a new technology.